CPMT Program Director, Chapter Programs: Kitty Pearsall

CPMT Chapters

CPMT Chapters are geographic units of the CPMT Society.  They may cover small geographic areas such as a city or larger geographic areas such as a country. 

Chapters bring technical meetings and opportunities for professional networking to members, where they work and live, through a variety of events, including evening technical talks, facility tours, workshops,seminars, and even conferences.

CPMT has over 30 Chapters located in the US, Europe and Asia/Pacific. View Chapter locations and contacts.

If you are a CPMT member and reside within the geographic boundaries of an existing Chapter -- you are automatically a member of that Chapter.


CPMT Program Director, Student Programs:  Kwang-Lung Lin

CPMT Student Branch Chapters

CPMT Students Branch Chapters are technical sub-units of the CPMT Society located within a university. They offer excellent opportunities for Students to network with other students, faculty, and professionals at technical meetings and social events.  Serving as a Chapter Officer provides valuable opportunities to hone leadership, management and organizational skills through running the Chapter and organizing meetings and events.

CPMT has four Student Branches: 

Romania  - Politehnica University of Bucharest (Region 8)

Sweden - Chalmers University of Technology (Region 8)  

San Paulo, Brazil  - Universidade Federal do ABC  (Region 9)

Beijing, China  - Tsinghua University (Region 10)